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BananaBelt Boats & Yachts Sells More Boats Than Anyone In the Pacific Northwest


BananaBelt Boats On Land Storage Sales Facility

Your #1 By-Volume Pre-Owned Motor Yacht Broker in the Pacific Northwest!

“Where It’s a Boat Show Every Day!”

(And That’s Trade Marked with the US Patent Office!)


At BananaBelt Boats & Yachts in Anacortes, WA, we have over 60 used boats that can be viewed in our single, dry land storage location.

Most All of our Pre-Owned Motor Yachts available for sale are out of the water on our 5.5 acre sales facility

No more running around from marina to marina and dock to dock!  There’s a walkway around all the boats that is very similar to a dock.

From our walkways, you can access almost every boat in inventory!

Plus, you can see the topside AND bottom of each boat when they are out of the water.

With this many boats to see in one place – and with such easy access – and as we’re open 7 days a week – it’s like A Boat Show Every Day!

We also own our own Sea-Lift to make hauls and launches fast and easy! Our KMI Sea-Lift can move boats from water to land faster and more safely than ever before – with no clumsy straps like other boat hauls. The Sea-Lift was designed for safely moving yachts ranging in size from 28′-70′. It carries boats between our launching ramp across the street and our dry land marina in just minutes!

Whether you are looking for a Pacific Mariner, Bayliner, Meridian, Ranger Tug, Nordic Tugs, Ocean Alexander, Carver, Pilothouse, Sedan, Cruiser, Trawler, Tug or Any Motor Yacht for Boating and Yachting in the Pacific Northwest –  28′ to 70′ – We are your One Stop Destination!  And, if we don’t have it, let one of our experienced Certified Professional Yacht Brokers to be there for you every step of the way